Package Description

Date: May 18., 2023

Time: 4-5 p.m. ET


Facts matter. As an editor, it helps to be able to recognize the red flags that can indicate the facts aren’t right, know how to find credible sources fast and have strategies for working with writers to fix fact errors. We’ll look at the tips and tricks of fact checking for all types of editing and the ways you can know you’re looking for the facts in the right place. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn if fact-checking should be part of your job and how to diplomatically tell writers their facts are incorrect.
  2. Understand how to check online source credibility and why it’s important.
  3. Develop ideas for verifying information beyond the internet. 

Cost: Free for ACES members/$30 for non-members

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About the presenter:

Gerri Berendzen has worked as a copy editor for more than 35 years and teaches editing, writing, information management and digital media at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has been focused on fact checking research and teaching editing since 2014, after almost three decades editing at newspapers. In addition to teaching, she does freelance editing for textbooks, proposals and other projects. She also is one of the authors of's Fundamentals of Editing online courses.

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