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Date: June 15, 2023

Time: 4-5 p.m. ET

Description:  How to Have (Better) Hard Conversations

Uncomfortable, high-stakes, or just plain difficult conversations are a fact of life. Sharing negative editorial feedback, giving performance evaluations, or firing someone are all types of discussions we might need to hold as editors. While I can't promise these conversations won't still be hard, you can come to them feeling more confident and prepared with a few tips from the pros. 

This presentation builds on research from Bruce Patton, Douglas Stone, and Sheila Heen; Kim Scott; and Brené Brown to help you discover ways to have better hard discussions.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. What makes difficult conversations so hard
  2. Ways to identify how you address conflict
  3. Tactics for better conversations when the stakes are high

Cost: Free for ACES members/$30 for non-members

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About the presenter:

Alysha is an editor, accredited professional coach, and incurable journalist. She heads up her editorial agency, Payette Media House, and coaching business, Alysha Love Coaching, from beautiful Boise, Idaho.

She spent years working in digital political journalism in Washington, D.C., as an editor at CNN and POLITICO before leading Intuit QuickBooks’s editorial content marketing operation. Alysha has her master's in leadership and organizational development from the University of Texas and degrees in both psychology and journalism from the University of Missouri.
Alysha is a volunteer coach with Digital Women Leaders and treasurer of ACES: The Society for Editing. 

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