Microsoft Word as an Editor's Everyday Tool - For Intermediate Users

Date: July 18, 2024

Time: 4-5 p.m. ET


In veterinary medicine, many veterinarians like me and my nurses use an ultrasound machine to identify a pet's urinary bladder and obtain a urine sample. However, the ultrasound machine can be used for so much more--we can use it to look at other organs like the liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, small and large intestine, and pancreas; yet, many of us do not owing to various reasons: overwhelmed about where to begin, unsure whether we are going to do something right, we make do with what we know and can get by with what we know, etc.

Our use of Microsoft Word is similar. We use only a small amount of its functionality--comfortably--yet our editorial knowledgebase and productivity can be enhanced by learning and implementing features in Word, features we can use everyday. We simply need to know about these features and to start to use them. The goal of this webcast is to demonstrate these features to take us to the next level of comfortability with Word.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. How to create and modify tables from the Table Design and Layout tabs
  2. How to create and use macros from the Developer tab
  3. How to use standard and advanced track changes from the Review tab

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About the presenter:

Matthew Krecic, DVM, MS. MBA, is a small animal internal medicine specialist is a freelance medical writer/editor and book indexer at his LLC, K-File Medical Writing and Editing Services, based in Chicago. Matthew also writes grants and works as a veterinarian in the shelter medicine facility for the largest no-kill animal shelter in the Midwest, PAWS Chicago. For medical writing/editing/indexing, his favored therapeutic areas are diabetes and its complications and endocrinology. Matthew was introduced to ACES by copyeditor colleagues when he was an assistant editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association and of the American Journal of Veterinary Research and has been an ACES member ever since. 

Course Details

Microsoft Word as an Editor's Everyday Tool - For Intermediate Users01:00:00
Microsoft Word as an Editor's Everyday Tool - For Intermediate Users 01:00:00
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