Immersive Copy Editing for Fantasy & Science Fiction

Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction (SF) genres present unique copyediting hurdles due to worldbuilding features such as invented words, nonstandard political systems, and homebrew cultures. While worldbuilding is the traditional purview of developmental editing, too many SF authors resort to arbitrary adjustments in grammar, usage, and and/or punctuation to signal fantastical situations or characters. But not all dragons must be Dragons, and imaginary worlds feel more real with linguistic and grammatical consistency.

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About the presenter:

Kristy S. Gilbert of Looseleaf Editorial & Production has edited genre fiction (especially science fiction and fantasy) and assorted nonfiction for over a decade and is an adjunct instructor of editing and print publication design at Brigham Young University. She has worked on books and short fiction by bestselling authors and top figures in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Her editing and design philosophies emphasize seamless reading experiences.

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