What's New in the AP Stylebook

Paula Froke, lead editor of the AP Stylebook, presents a virtual version of the Stylebook’s annual session on changes to AP style in the last year. AP Stylebook Online is updated throughout the year, including some changes that will take effect the day Froke presents them to ACES members. These additions and changes will also appear in the latest edition of the AP Stylebook, which is now in production.

Colleen Newvine, AP Stylebook product manager, will show you how to claim your ACES member discount on an AP Stylebook Online subscription.

Cost: Free for ACES members/$30.00 for nonmembers

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Paula Froke, lead editor, AP Stylebook

Colleen Newvine, product manager, AP Stylebook

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What's New in the AP Stylebook01:00:00
What's New in the AP Stylebook 01:00:00
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