When Words & Design Collide: How to Write and Edit with Design in Mind

Date: Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021

Time: 4-5 p.m. EST

Font types, character counts, and emojis oh my! The digital age has made design an integral part of the content we consume every day from ads to e-books. Even more traditional content pieces like annual reports are expected to include eye-catching graphs and images. 

For writers and editors across all industries, understanding the basics of design and collaborating well with designers is becoming a need-to-have to tell powerful stories and secure writing and editing opportunities. 

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • The benefits of writing with design in mind
  • The similarities and differences between the writing & design processes
  • The top conflicts that can arise between writers and designers
  • The best practices for collaborating well with designers

This session will benefit any writer and editor who’s expected to work with designers, and it will be especially helpful for content marketers, freelance writers and editors, and editorial directors.

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About the presenter:

Ashly Stewart has worked in various writer and editor roles over the past decade including Senior Copywriter at Salesforce, Creative Director at Freedom Healthworks, and Content Marketing Manager at Jobvite. She also has a deep love of education and has taught online writing and English classes. She still accepts freelance writing and editing projects for causes that she cares about, and she currently serves as Training & Education Manager at ACES.

Course Details

February 2021 – When Words & Design Collide: How to write and edit with design in mind01:00:00
When Words & Design Collide: How to Write and Edit with Design in Mind 01:00:00
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