Microaggressions in Editing: Understanding Bias and Undoing Harm

All of us have implicit biases, and these can sometimes be reflected in our edits. One way our biases can inadvertently show themselves is through microaggressions, which can hurt the copy, erode the author’s trust, or reverse progress made with style recommendations.

After attending this session, you will:

  • Understand how our individual identities shape our experiences and biases
  • Know what microaggressions are and what they look like in editing
  • Understand how microaggressions can affect the copy and the author-editor relationship
  • Have strategies for how to avoid this type of harm in editing

This session is especially helpful forAll editors can benefit from this webcast, and we think it’ll be especially helpful for editors who work directly with authors.

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About the presenter:

Crystal Shelley is a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of Rabbit with a Red Pen, where she provides editing and authenticity reading services to fiction authors. She unites her love of language and her passion for social justice by advocating for conscious language use and inclusive representation in her editorial work. She serves on the Executive Committee of ACES: The Society for Editing.

Course Details

June 2021: Microaggressions in Editing: Understanding Bias and Undoing Harm01:00:00
Microaggressions in Editing: Understanding Bias and Undoing Harm 01:00:00
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