How to Master the Business Side of Editing (aka, Getting the Boring But Essential Paperwork Right)

Original Air Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021

Whether you're setting out to be a full-time freelancer — or just doing a few projects on the side — it's important to have your paperwork in order. Are you operating as a business entity? Do you need to? How should you keep track of expenses and income? Do you need to have a contract in place for every project?
This class will walk new freelancers through the process of getting set up to do business. We'll discuss:
* Setting up an EIN
* Deciding on a business structure (individual vs. sole proprietor vs. LLC vs. S Corp, etc.)
* Opening a business bank account
* Choosing accounting software
* Creating a simple contract
* Considering business insurance
Attendees will leave with a clear to-do list of the necessary tasks for setting up a small (or large!) editing business.

This session is especially helpful forAll editors can benefit from this webcast, but we think it’ll be especially helpful for editors who are interested in starting or refreshing their freelance business.

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About the presenter:

Samantha Enslen runs Dragonfly Editorial, an agency that provides writing and editing to customers worldwide. She is the former editorial manager for CSC and a former contributing editor to the Editorial Eye. She is also an award-winning writer who has been recognized for her websites, brochures, features and white papers. Sam is the vice president of ACES.

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May 2021: How to Master the Business Side of Editing (aka, Getting the Boring But Essential Paperwork Right)01:00:00
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