It depends!: How editors work with singular 'they'

Date: Thursday, April 21, 2022

Time: 4-5 p.m. EST


As singular “they” is increasingly accepted, style guides are updating guidance about its use. Even so, guides differ in their recommendations such as singular “they” used as a gender-neutral pronoun, use of new pronouns (such as “ze”), and subject-verb agreement with singular “they”—and not all recommendations align with how singular “they” is used by individuals. Researchers at Iowa State University Jo Mackiewicz, Ph.D., and Allison Durazzi, Ph.D. candidate, are interested in learning how editors reconcile these differences in daily editing.

Join Jo Mackiewicz, PhD. and Allison Durazzi, Ph.D. candidate, to learn more about the study’s aims and preliminary findings about our colleagues’ perceptions of singular “they” in a variety of editing contexts.

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About the presenters:

ACES member Allison Durazzi is doctoral student in rhetoric and professional communication at Iowa State University where she teaches business, speech, and technical communication. Her research in editing draws from her prior communications experience in the legal, nonprofit, and arts sectors. In addition to ACES, Allison is a member of the Northwest Editors Guild.


Jo Mackiewicz is a professor of rhetoric and professional communication at Iowa State University. Her recent book, Writing Center Talk over Time: A Mixed-Method Study, won the 2019 International Writing Center Association award for outstanding book. Her edited collection (with Rebecca Babcock), Theories and Methods of Writing Center Studies: A Practical Guide, won the 2021 Writing Across the Curriculum’s Award for best edited collection. Her book, Welding Technical Communication: Teaching and Learning Embodied Knowledge will be published by SUNY Press in May 2022. 


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